Ville is a self-taught Poledancer starting his full-time training in March 2010. In learning pole fitness he has gained knowledge, stamina and strength. After learning hard and demanding moves on a pole he realised his strength and confidence to start working as a performer in 2011.

He is having some great experiences around the UK performing in different events, shows, parties, clubs to currently.

Previosuly he won the Poledancer of the Year award at the Diverse E Awards 2012 in London, and became a Champion of the Men's category at the British Pole Superstar Championships 2013, which led him to compete for the UK at an International level in World Pole Championships in London 2013.

He is an established and experienced model originally from Finland, and now living in the UK.
He has been modelling for several years and has been booked for jobs which have taken him to work in Spain, Holland, Finland and across the UK working with that top photographers across the UK and has had his images published in various magazines, projects and websites around the globe.


Ville is a strong, masculine, peticulous and professional performer and will add the wow factor to any event he is booked for.


Email: for bookings.