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I've always been one of those girls who has never been happy with her weight, constantly in the gym, finding new sports to try, and i still wouldn't be satisfied.

I had an average build, but I always wanted to have that smaller waist and to generally look healthy and toned. Before starting pole fitness with Jo, I had no upper body strength, I struggled to do one press up and my general fitness wasn't what I would like it to be!


I have been training with Jo for just under a year, and without changing my diet drastically or doing any other sports, I have lost 1st and 4lbs, I was 10st 9lbs when I started, and to the current day I am now 9st 4lb, and it's the happiest I've been in a while! My upper body strength has improved greatly, and I can actually do more than 10 press ups without wanting to collapse!! Not only is pole great for keeping me toned, but it's also great fun and I've made a lot of new friends.


Whilst being at pole, I didn't actually realise how much flexibility I had, and from noticing this, Jo has helped me to use this within learning new moves and also how to improve it within the comfort of my own home. Jo is an amazing teacher, she pushes you to your limits to make you realise how much you are improving and she also takes pride in giving us individual tips on how to improve our own health and fitness, such as; flexibility tasks we can do at home, exercises that we can do to improve our core in order to progress with moves, and many more! I couldn't ask for a better teacher, she is always there for you to speak to about advice and she makes the class a much better environment to be in!  Best decision I made starting this class!



Before I took a class with Jo, I asked her so many question I thought she would say no to me coming :)


But she didn't she answer all my questions and put all my doubts aside. I have had 4 sessions with her and in that time learnt loads, she is a fab teacher and always gives different ways of doing the moves.

I have now signed up for the next session in August, as my confidence have grown I have loved every second of it. Thank you xxx



Jo Is an amazingly talented woman!

I have done my beginners pole, level 1,level 2, and I can honestly say she gave me the confidence back I lost after having my baby!.


I recommend her to all my friends and family.x



So glad I found this class! Will be starting my 4th pole course with Jo in a few weeks. The classes are fun, but challenging. Jo is always on hand to advise, support and encourage us. She is extremely knowledgeable and puts her all into every class. :-)

Because of this I started a 12 week training programme with Jo, which I am 5 weeks in to. It's hard, but I'm loving it and seeing my shape change from week to week. Jo is very supportive and always there for me no matter how small the issue is or how silly the question!



I opted for beginners pole fitness with Jo.


With her excellent teaching and support, the change in what I can do now has amazed me.! She is very professional, knowledgable and her skilled guidance brings out the very best in you.



I have been having lessons with Jo for about 9 months now and have absolutely loved every moment of them. I went into the lessons thinking pole would be good fun but it has been much more than that;


Jo has also taught us how to train for strength and flexibility and completely changed my view towards exercise. I used to do no exercise at all but now I train religiously in order to try to be better at pole, something which I would never have had the motivation for before pole.


Jo is always giving great tips about how we can do better and tailoring them to us individually as we get better. She notices our improvements each lesson and is incredibly encouraging.

I used to struggle to do a sit up and completely fail at a press up attempt or a chin up attempt, but I can do over 20 press ups and 8 chin ups now as there is a purpose to the training. The training also means I can eat a lot more to try to fuel the muscle growth!!


We really look forward to each lesson we have and pole is an amazing and fun way to exercise without realising you are. Jo is a brilliant teacher - incredibly encouraging but always pointing out how to improve the move you are attempting until you feel confident in it and have managed to perfect it. I couldn't recommend a better teacher and coach.