Maintenance and Flexibility

What is maintenance and flexibility?

We educate you to become bullet proof allowing you to train harder, safer and most importantly for longevity!

Flexibility and mobility is important in fitness because it allows for better performance when playing sports or exercising, and in your day-to-day activities makes bending, walking, and lifting easier. 

In this course, you will learn how stretching and mobility of certain types of exercises can help improve flexibility and strength.

Without adequate flexibility and mobility, daily activities such as getting out of bed, lifting a child, or squatting to pick something up can become more difficult to do. In addition, inadequate flexibility can affect your athletic performance by preventing you from reaching the full potential, strength, and power of your muscles.

Flexibility is defined as the range of motion of your joints or the ability of your joints to move freely. It also refers to the mobility of your muscles, which allows for more movement around the joints. Range of motion is the distance and direction your joints can move, while mobility is the ability to move without restriction.

Benefits of Flexibility Training:

There are several benefits of flexibility training:

* It increases range of motion. 
* Flexibility training helps improve the range of motion of your joints and muscles. 
* It decreases your risk of injury. When your muscles are flexible, you are less likely to become injured during physical activity. 
* It also reduces muscle soreness.

Maintenance and flexibility classes run in 5 week cycles


Tuesday - 7:30-9pm £63

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