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Inspired by the benefits of an all over body work-out that improves strength, flexibility and confidence, thousands of men and women are trying Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks, the new gymnastic workout.

Aerial fitness is one of the most comprehensive and results-oriented workouts possible. It demands the strength of gymnastics, the focus of yoga and gets the heart racing faster than any treadmill whilst learning amazing skills.








There’s a real sense of community and a positive mentality among aerial and pole fitness students. There are now more than 20 Pole and Aerial Sports Federations and thousands of studios all over the world and a large online community. It’s a positive group to be part of because fans are passionate about their sport, they keep healthy and are focused on getting stronger, more flexible and better at their tricks.

We also offer other variaties of group classes, such as Handstand, Circus skills, Pole Camp, Strength Circuit and Flexibility.



There are so many benefits you get from Pole Fitness.


Once you get the basics down and strengthen your muscles a bit, you will quickly begin to develop some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. Being confident isn’t just about your state of mind – you will actually start to walk tall and improve your posture. Your skills on the pole will translate into real life and you will be able to move with the nimbleness and graciousness of a cat.



Looking to improve on strength, flexibility or overall fitness, Then private sessions for you!

They are designed specifically around your needs and we will progress towards your goals together with support and advice every step of the way, we can also come direct to your home and train you in the comfort of your own surroundings.


A stronger core means stronger balance, both physically and emotionally. When you are physically stronger to face the day’s natural obstacle course, your mind steps up to the plate.


Strength training does so many amazing things for the body that it should be included in everyone’s fitness program, no matter what their overall goal may be.

Flexibility classes in Wirral
Flexibility classes in Wirral

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Flexibility classes in Wirral
Flexibility classes in Wirral

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Bulletproof your body at JD Aerial Fitness Academy.

Flexibility and mobility is important in fitness because it allows for better performance when playing sports or exercising, and in your day-to-day activities makes bending, walking, and lifting easier. 
In this course, you will learn how stretching and mobility of certain types of exercises can help improve flexibility and strength.







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