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Terms & Conditions

Please read BEFORE booking. By booking you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Booking & Payment


ALL classes must be booked and paid for in advance via our online booking system.

Once you have booked your classes, they must be taken consecutively running inline with your 5 week membership.

 Classes are non transferable.

Cancellations of 1-2-1 within 48 hours will result in loss of booking fee.

Promo codes must be entered at time of booking (if applicable) - no refunds will be issued.

If you miss a class then unfortunately you will forfeit it - we cannot carry classes over or refund them.

* This applies to ALL classes 



If you arrive more than 15 minutes late to your class then unfortunately you will not be able to participate as it is disruptive for the other students and missing the warm up could potentially cause injury to yourself.

The Instructor has a class structure that is followed in every class, so moves cannot be recapped and it is unsafe for you to take part if you have not warmed up.


Following Instruction/Attempting Moves


You must follow your teacher's instructions throughout the duration of the class; failure to do this is unacceptable and may risk the safety of yourself and the other students in your class.

You must only follow instructions from your Instructor; it is forbidden to teach other students moves or to attempt moves that you have not yet been shown by your Instructor.

We appreciate that everyone wants to progress and we are here to ensure you do that in the safest possible way.

Some classes are mixed ability so if you see another student being taught a move it DOES NOT mean you can attempt it.

If there is a move you'd like to try please ask your Instructor to show you. If we feel you are not ready for a particular move then we will give you an alternative to work on and build you up for the move you'd like to learn.

Our Instructors have undergone full training to enable them to teach in the safest possible way. Undermining an Instructor is potentially dangerous and could result in removal from the class without a refund.


Health and Safety


All students are required to fill out a waiver of liability, assumption of risk and screening form before the session, and must keep their Instructor informed of any later changes at all times; which may result in a new form being filled out or a doctors note being requested. If you are unsure if you are fully fit and able to do a session please consult your GP first. All details are kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Any student under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who is deemed to be acting in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the class, and may risk losing any further classes without a refund.

Although we never book more than two people to a pole or three people to a hoop in all of our classes, there may be rare occasions beyond our control, where for safety reasons we may reduce the number of poles/hoops available for that class.

All jewellery must be removed before participating in a class.


Pole Grip


Only pole specific grip may be used in our Studio.

We have Enviro Grip liquid and Itac available for our students to purchase, see your Instructor.

Chalk balls and other non-pole grips tend to actually make the poles more slippy. They can also be abrasive to the poles and make a lot of mess. Please DO NOT bring them to the Studio!


Phones / Photos


We ask that students DO take photographs in the Studio at any time, providing you have consent of the other students.

For our website and social media channels only Instructors are permitted to take photos; with the students permission.

These pictures will be posted on our Facebook page (again with the students permission); where you are welcome to tag yourself and/or repost them on your personal profiles.


Conflict of Interest


If you are an Instructor or are planning and/or training to become an Instructor then you MUST make your Instructor aware of this before booking.

We have no problem with allowing other Instructors to our classes as we all have to train somewhere, but for obvious reasons this could be seen as a conflict of interests if you fail to let us know. Therefore we will only allow you on a 121 environment.

If you ever happen to be in a class environment you are there as a student so teaching other students is strictly prohibited; regardless of your experience as an Instructor.

Advertising your services as an Instructor is not allowed and if you are seen to be poaching students of JD Aerial Fitness Academy then you will be asked to leave. Any breach of this condition may result in you being rejected from the class without a refund.




Due to circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to change the time, date, venue or Instructor of your class. You will be notified if this happens and a pro-rata refund will be given if we cannot meet your needs.

We do not tolerate ANY form of bullying within our classes. If a student is seen to be bullying or making another student or Instructor feel uncomfortable, then they will be asked to leave without a refund.


We reserve the right to ask anyone who challenges our terms and conditions to leave immediately and they will not be allowed back onto any future classes or events.


If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us on jdaerialfitness@gmail.com


Class rules:

* Don’t come to class with oils or lotions on your skin.

* No ‘Diva-ing’, Bullying or Bitchiness will be tolerated at all, be warned!

* Be sensible and spot each other when required

* Show respect to other students and staff