Karl - Contortion Teacher

Karl started as an acrobatic gymnast and coach then moved to Artistic gymmastics to get a change of discipline.

He picked up contortion when he was 15 in which Imhe had the opportunity to train with various trainers around the world from different backgrounds. He has got experience in westernised contortion methods and eastern methods, specifically the original contortion art form from Mongolia. 

He has had the privilege of training and being taught contortion from the likes of Alixa Sutton (world renowned flexibility and contortion coach - original creator for Cirque du Soliels Kooza act and the original mystic pixies trio). 

He is qualified as a gymnastics coach under British Gymnastics and have been certified by various contortion coaches. 

And has been coaching gymnastics for 8 years and contortion and flexibility for 4 years.

He has also studied sports at university and majoring in health psychology. He is a studious and methodical coach. And still collaborate's and train's with other coaches and seeks up to date knowledge and advice from various coaches and professionals to keep himself upto date.

His approach to contortion is methodical and studious, with a focus on injury prevention and active muscle manipulation I aim to develop the major muscles required to be a good contortionist. 

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