What is contortion?

Focus on your contortion goals in a positive and encouraging environment.

Muscle flexibility and strength will be gained in Contortion class, it will also push the limits and allow for a better depth in understanding how to execute advanced poses in proper alignment.

This class uses traditional Mongolian style contortion techniques, stretches, poses with constant motion, arm balances, inversions, breath work, and awareness. .

Contortion class will focus on extending students flexibility and stamina to hold through poses and multiple movements with fluidity. While pushing your flexibility further, we will be aiming for oversplits, toes to your head and beyond, more full back curvature, and forward folds.

The safe and gradual development of strong, balanced flexibility is top priority in contortion classes. .

Contortion classes run in 5 week cycles

£40 for 5 weeks



To enquire and reserve your place, contact the academy direct at or


Or alternatively direct on 07808 854 206